Q. What is ONTEH?

A.”ONTEH” stands for “Okanagan Nation Transition Emergency House.” It is a temporary shelter for women and their children fleeing domestic violence.


Q. Where is ONTEH located?

A. Penticton, BC.


Q. How can I contact ONTEH?

A. By telephone at 250-493-4902 or 1-877-493-4909.


Q. Who is accepted into ONTEH?

A. Adult women and their dependent children. (The max age for male children is 14.)


Q. Is ONTEH only for Indigenous women?

A. No, we accept people of all ancestries and cultures.


Q. Is the use of marijuana/alcohol/illicit drugs permitted?

A. ONTEH is drug-free and alcohol-free.


Q. How long can I stay?

A. We provide temporary shelter only.


Q. Do you accommodate pets?

A. We cannot accommodate pets, though service animals are permitted provided there is government-issued documentation.


Q. Is there a fee for staying at ONTEH?

A. There is no charge.


Q. Does my immigration status matter?

A. If you are a woman in Canada facing domestic violence, support is available regardless of your immigration status.


Q. What if I know someone experiencing domestic violence?

A. You can call ONTEH and speak to our support staff.


Q. Does ONTEH provide second-stage or long-term housing?

A. We do not provide housing, just temporary shelter.


Q. Will I have my own private room?

A. ONTEH provides communal living.


Q. Will ONTEH hold a bed for me?

A. Accommodation is based on availability. We cannot reserve beds for a future time.


Q. Do you provide child care?

A. No.


Q. Does it matter if I personally know any of the transition house staff?

A. No. The staff is discreet and professional. All information disclosed is treated as highly confidential.